Lachlan Morton returns home to start an interesting year of racing at the Aussie Street Nationals

With the whole world ahead of him, the first thing Lachy wanted to do was go back to his roots and ride the Australian Nationals

This time, he is no longer improvising. At the group camp in December, his teammates already observed something

For the first time in years, Lachy's legs have been shaved clean. He flew to his home in Australia to enjoy the Christmas

He was inspired to get in shape during the 12 months of racing that he has set out to do

Lachlan's main intent this year is the Time Lifestyle Grand Prix, which he is excited to be exhibiting at to compete with the greats

He is also thinking about races like the Cape Epic. However, first there are the Australian street nationals. Lachy is as excited as he was when he was a child

“I grew up competing in Australian road races and it feels like the right look to do while coming back to Australia,” he says

Lachy has been doing his own hard schooling for him. Australia's cycling lifestyle suits him well. He can participate in a strong group tour

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