Watch Lady Gaga's powerful speech

Lady Gaga made a grand entrance to her performance at the Chromatica Ball, emerging from an upright metal tomb.

Fans of Gaga were happy to finally see her live production in 2020.

A woman's powerful voice reverberated through Nationals Park as she danced to songs by Lady Gaga.

The show had vague themes of identity, reinvention and acceptance, with artsy video interludes.

Despite taking a break, Gaga was easily able to slip back into her world of performing during her come-back concert.

Lady Gaga performed a medley of songs on a massive stage with dancers and a glam band.

The show included some predictable stadium trappings, including plumes of fire and the B-stage.

Minimalist Gaga was the most rewarding part of the night.

Lady Gaga started her acceptance speech for Born This Way with a proclamation to the audience.

Gaga disappeared for another costume change and re-emerged in black fishnet stockings and a matching purple and black leotard and headpiece.

Gaga's flashy outfit was a direct contrast to the most compelling part of her concert, which were the ballads.