Lee Jong Suk's Organization Responds To Dating Rumors Resulting From His 2022 MBC Drama Awards Speech

Lee Jong Suk's corporation has responded to speculation about his recognition speech for him at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.

On December 30, Lee Jong Suk received the Daesang (Grand Prize) for his leading role in the hit drama “Large Mouth” at MBC's annual award ceremony

 At some point in his acceptance speech, he expressed his deep gratitude to a particular unnamed man or woman.

“After finishing my military career, I had a lot of worries, fears and problems that plagued me,” the actor said.

“But at that time, there has been a person who helped me find a right path as a man or a woman and assume an advantageous mind

There is something that I really wanted to tell that person about using this opportunity. I need to tell that person that I am grateful to them for constantly

He continued, “Considering the fact that male or female, I very often say to myself: 'I should have lived a little more diligently before now' 

I should have become a better person.' time reflecting on my beyond. I will work harder within destiny to become a better character."

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