'Livid' Shakira criticizes former Gerard Piqué for putting his son, 9, on a Twitch broadcast event amid bitter divorce

SHAKIRA was enraged with her her ex Gerard Piqué for placing her son on a Twitch live stream without her consent.

Nine-year-old Milan appeared alongside his father, the Barcelona legend, in an online broadcast about his new football assignment.

Shakira's son, Milan, appeared on a Twitch to continue circulating with his father, Gerard Piqué. Credit: TikTok @Tusclipsvirales.

Her office said that "in no case did she give her prior consent nor was she consulted about the participation of her son Milan in the transmission

Milan, the eldest of the couple's two children, made an appearance at a broadcast event for his father's Kings League seven-star match on January 7.

He streamed on Twitch, the controversial gaming and entertainment platform that has been linked to play scams and engage in sexual intercourse

The dispute comes as Shakira, 45, said she was "devastated" to learn that Piqué's new friend was seen at her house while they were still together.

A source told Page Six that Shakira is "devastated to learn that this woman truly felt at home inside the house she shared with her children."

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