Main benefits of the B9 (folate) and folic acid diet

Diet B9 (folate) is an essential vitamin that allows your body to make pink blood cells and DNA, 

 which may be the building blocks of your body. It is particularly essential for healthy growth and development throughout the pregnancy.

A wide range of ingredients include folate or introduced (fortified) folic acid, however it can still be difficult to get adequate vitamin B9

Folate deficiency, which is quite common, can lead to critical headaches like birth defects and anemia. In some cases, your health care provider may also suggest a dietary supplement.

"B9 nutrition levels can be difficult to maintain, so it's essential to know which foods you could turn to to best meet your needs,

Health care companies may prescribe B9 to lower blood levels of homocysteine, a chemical that makes proteins (amino acids) that can harden the arteries.

Occasionally, high homocysteine levels (compared to low levels) were associated with a multiplied risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Taking folic acid supplements may improve memory and questioning skills in older adults who are experiencing a faster-than-average decline

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