Marcus Freeman Q&A on college football tenure

“I feel like we learned a variety of special instructions about ourselves as individuals, about ourselves as a team

As I inform the guys all the time, it had to be this way. We needed to analyze this way. We had to improve this way. I'm happy with the way they ended

I am proud of the leadership we had. At the end of the day, I felt like we did a great job of finding a way to end.

“I should whine. I could say that I like it a lot, however, the fact is that it is far from it. My only knowledge is to mention 

how we're going to take advantage of the portal and what college recruiting is like and 0, all these things that intersect in college football.

“This is how we technique it. How will we make sure we protect our boys? That is by continuing to remind them why they chose Notre Dame

It will change forever. Pay attention, in the long run, it should get to 85 until the end of spring. We do keep in mind, however,

“As a first-year school principal, there are specific decisions you have to make and exceptional numbers to look at

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