Maryland-Michigan preview: New arrivals in the Hunter Dickinson saga, and Willard jokes about the feud

Whether it's a twist of fate or an effort to prevent him from delving into his Maryland heartbreak again, Michigan megastar Hunter Dickinson wasn't cut out

Consider it or not, it will be the first time that the former DeMatha (Md.) celebrity, who has often spoken of his grudge against former Terps teacher Mark Turgeon for not recruiting him hard enough

As a freshman, he posted a game-high 26 points and 11 rebounds in a Michigan win there, taunting Turgeon during and after the game

"Hopefully, I've confirmed that the [DeMatha] guys are pretty suitable and they need to move there for a while [to recruit]," Dickinson said after a while

Last year, Michigan couldn't play Maryland. So it's not until now that the 7-foot-1, 260-pound All-American will risk hearing the jokes of Maryland fans

That should make for an exciting dynamic, as Dickinson has never been one to keep thoughts of him to himself. 

He said earlier this season that he doesn't hold a grudge against Maryland now that Turgeon is long gone and that he likes Kevin Willard's freshman coaching.

But you wouldn't have noticed how fired up he was at one point in his 32-point, 12-rebound performance in Michigan's 35-point rout of Maryland 

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