Morning Skate Scenes: Canucks appears scheduled to unleash the skate against lightning.

So far, you've seen the #FreeTheSkate campaign that has taken over the city for a while now. Whether or not it's in the shape of an airplane with a banner

the zoom posted on a fan sporting the throwback jersey shielding a sign begging to release the skid, or on a bus. stop advertising, a person just wants the skate released.

And tonight, it looks like the Canucks will do just that. This is what we saw in the morning skate before his lean with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

There are no real surprises with the Canucks' projected lineup. The Canucks' marketing campaign to build the seemingly non-existent trade cost

many fans are honestly hoping the two can play well enough to generate some sort of asset before March 3rd. change the cut-off date.

On the other side of the ice, NHL.Com's Kevin Woodley reports that Brian Elliott will start for Tampa Bay tonight, as the Lightning elect to

Down the stretch, he guesses the Canucks continue to face plenty of reinforcements as teams rest their starters for games against top fighters

Because they have revived the jersey in recent years, the Canucks rarely lose games while wearing the black skate uniform. That,

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