Motorola's Moto Watch hundred to provide iPhone song management in 2023

San Francisco, December 31 Motorola will reportedly bring iPhone music control to the Moto Watch 100 in its 2023 update

allowing users to control the playback of their track, as part of several updates to the now-focused smartwatch. in the budget

 According to Apple Insider, the Moto Watch 100 was initially released in December 2021 as a price range-focused smartwatch

The tuning control app is similar to that of iOS and Android smartphones and pills, allowing Apple users to use it

With the new Moto Watch 100, fall detection and emergency alerts can be covered alongside heart rate tracking

SPO2 oxygen saturation alerts and daily updates, according to the document. Thousands have proposed that the Moto Watch 100 

can be used to assess the health of vulnerable family members, including people who live alone and have no one to help them. 

This could encompass a focus on managing the health of the elderly, done through family sharing software so that other family participants can sing along 

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