Nawaz Holds Ex-COAS, Spymaster For Modern Nation Of Pakistan Accountable

Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) Chairman Nawaz Sharif on Thursday declared former military chief general (ret.) Qamar Bajwa and former standard

Faiz Hameed as head of the Present country of Pakistan in the form of establishing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government in 2018.

Talk to me to the media in London after a long time, Nawaz referred to his 2020 Gujranwala speech in which he named the two generals, who were in office

Asked if he blamed former army worker team leader Gen Bajwa and former spy chief Gen Faiz for the US country Yes A., he maintained that “everyone knows”

“They have turned Pakistan around themselves and presented a disgusting comic story in the u. Yes. A.,” he said.

Nawaz said it became his "responsibility" to shed light on those responsible for cruelty inside the United States. He said it was also his duty to raise awareness

The former major also called for an assessment between his tenure as senior minister and that of PTI leader Imran Khan to show how wealthy people were under the PML

We have taken over the government to help Pakistan out of trouble. Otherwise, the situation created through him [Imran] had dragged us to the brink of destruction

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