People with very high blood pressure may want to enjoy coffee in peace.

People with severely high blood pressure who drink two or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day may want to double their chance of dying from a heart attack

 stroke or other type of cardiovascular treatment, new research finds. But drinking green tea or just a cup of coffee didn't have the same impact.

The accelerated risk also did not apply to people with lower blood pressure levels who drank two or more cups of coffee a day, 

Previous studies indicate that drinking one cup of caffeinated coffee a day may help people reduce the risk of death after a heart attack 

 help prevent heart attacks and strokes in healthy adults. Some studies show that coffee can reduce the risk of high blood pressure,

also known as hypertension, in people who don't already have it. However, consuming an excessive amount of coffee has been shown to increase blood pressure 

"Our study aimed to determine whether the proposed protective effect of coffee also applies to people with different levels of high blood pressure,

The Yankee Heart Affiliation and the American College of Cardiology define high blood pressure as a systolic ("top") reading of 130 mmHg or higher

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