Pep Guardiola admits that even he fears dismissal, as he accepts the blame for Manchester City's mini-slump, but knows how to fix it.

PEP GUARDIOLA says that he is to blame for the mini-depression in the city of Manchester, but he says that he knows how to restore it.

The League's best champions have lost the bottom of returned clubs, and the Etihad boss is aware that he may have called for a pep out if that run continues.

Numerous theories have been raised about City's defeats at Southampton and Manchester United -the first in the Carabao Cup zone, last and second within the league

“Although the players do not play accurately and do not have the option to do so, it is because there is something wrong with my decisions.

"Then I have to find out why, because here people don't wait, people don't live on our memories of what we were like in the final element."

However, the former Barcelona manager says that he loves these types of challenges and believes that he already knows why they have been lost.

“I'm less confused when I feel like there's no answer or I don't know what happened, but I often feel like I understand why it's not working.

As well as being eight points behind top-flight leaders Arsenal, City are also in contention for second place with Manchester United and Newcastle.

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