Personal Report Shows Key Human Role In Shooting Technology

CHICAGO (AP) — In more than 140 U.S. cities, ShotSpotter's artificial intelligence rule set and complex microphone network examine hundreds of dozens of sounds a year

But a personal record of ShotSpotter obtained through The Associated Press describes something the commercial firm doesn't often promote as its "precision surveillance

Such reversals appear 10% of the time through an Organization 2021 account, which experts say should bring subjectivity to increasingly important decisions

I've listened to a lot of recordings of gunshots and it's not always easy to do,” said Robert Maher, a leading national authority on gunshot detection at Montana

National University, who reviewed the ShotSpotter file. “Occasionally it's obviously a gunshot. Sometimes it's just a ping, ping, ping

Marked "Warning: Confidential," the 19-page operations report explains in detail how ShotSpotter Assessment Center employees should pay attention to recordings

verify finding the probable rule of fire established primarily based on a chain of things that may require judgment calls,

ShotSpotter said in a statement to the AP that the human position is a high-quality verification of the algorithm and that the "plain language"

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