Pokemon Move Pronounces Pikachu-Themed New 12 Months 2023 Event

A new costumed Pikachu arrives at the Pokémon Move New Year 2023 event as a host of Pokémon wearing birthday party

If you missed any of these previous costumed species, you now have a chance to ring in the New Year by cracking eggs

A new costumed Pikachu arrives at the Pokémon Pass New Years 2023 event as a host of birthday party hat-wearing Pokémon 

Tier One: Bulbasaur Birthday Celebration Hat, Charmander Party Hat, Squirtle Birthday Celebration Hat, Pikachu Top Hat, 12 Month New Hoothoot Hat

 Hat Raticate Birthday Celebration, Hat Nidorino Birthday Celebration, Hat Gengar Birthday Celebration, Hat Wobbuffet Birthday Celebration

Reshiram, supposedly confirming that the Dragons of Unova rotation will stick around after Reshiram, possibly concluding with Zekrom

Decoration bonus? Niantic says: "Throughout this occasion, festive fireworks will light up the sky. We hope you experience the colorful decoration!"

Store Event Themed Stickers, Spinning Tops, and Opening Giveaways Stardust through a collection challenge

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