Ramblings: The Return of Josh Norris; Production updates for Pettersson, Chytil, Boldy and Perbix – January 19

Josh Norris returned to the Ottawa lineup on Wednesday night when the team hosted Pittsburgh, as close to a game win as it could have come for the Senators

He had been out nearly three months with a shoulder injury, which was a blow to a team and a player looking to build on his 35-intention campaign from a season ago

There may be a risk of Slafkovsky's rookie season coming to an end, which may cut two approaches. He has half a season of NHL experience

he should be in all the structures by September and he shouldn't be playing a lottery season in a group that will lose a lot of games

But he also loses that development time and any good-sized time lost for this type of younger player can have a big impact.

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Something I like to do during rave season is three different quarterly tests: one after the first 20 games, another after the next 20 games

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