“Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 1 begins with Rick’s dramatic voice buzzing in the space where he muses that when someone is dying, the first thing they lose is their creativity.

One cannot agree more, but anyway, this is how he keeps talking and mocking the situation that Rick and Morty have put themselves into. The citadel has broken, the other Mortys are going ferocious, and now they’re locked up in space.

seems this fresh new episode “Solaricks” is just the aftermath of the season 5 finale “Rickmurai Jack.”

But Rick is tranquil about the far more ravage-bearing consequences that are coming on their way until ‘Space Beth,’ the way cooler version of Morty’s mom, has come to their aid, but at what cost?

She starts explaining things that, consequently, frustrate Rick and Morty, but they can’t express a little of that as long as the ‘Space Beth’ is the rescuer.

After boarding ‘Space-Beth’s spaceship, they arrive in the universe where Beth is still alive. Rick starts gobbling the heirloom tomato sandwiches while Morty gets the Digestibot’s nutrient mass.

Rick assures them that they are not going to die, but rather can retreat to their original universes. But where is summer? Although Summer is happy to see these two back, instead of welcoming them, she is handed the portal index so she can bring Rick, Morty, and Jerry back.

Rick arrives in his native universe where his wife Diane and Beth were slaughtered by the “weird Rick” (the Rick with a funky haircut and a jacket), but here in this reality, Rick had fabricated an artificial intelligence of the dead Diane’s voice as a ghost to haunt himself.

Seeing Jerry become an apocalypse survivor, looking more like Leo Dicaprio from “Revenant,” Morty grows respect for his father.