Rih anna Drops Trailer for Big Bowl Halftime Show — Is She Hinting at a New Tune at the End?

As the clock struck midnight on the West Coast and it officially ends one month until the 2023 Super Bowl, the game's halftime artist Rihanna dropped

the first trailer for her overall performance, which also happens to be the first to be subsidized to via Apple Track.

The trailer opens with a spotlight on a black story as a collage of angry or impatient media voices saying, "It's been 2, one hundred and ninety days.

The last album we were given by Rihanna became 'Anti' in 2016” overlapping until they blur as the video cuts between Rihanna walking towards the camera and posing

the digital camera goes black, and we only see Rihanna putting a finger "Shh" to her lips, followed by a short snippet of his music "Wanted Me" from that remaining album, "Anti".

Does it mean that she's finally got a new tune, even though she's basically said she doesn't? At her Savage x Fenty lingerie show in November,

she answered the inevitable question about the new album by uttering: “That's not real. Exceptional Bowl is an item.

New music is something else. Hear that, lovers? she laughed. "The second time I introduced this, I was like, 'Oh my gosh

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