The Facebook page of a woman who has passed away says that she would want her loved ones to remember the good memories.

Robyn Griggs, an actor known for starring on the soap operas "Another World" and "One Life to Live," has died.

The author of the text is announcing that Robyn has passed away and asks that people remember her fondly.

The author remembers their friend who was open about her story and wanted to help people.

Griggs had opened up on social media about her cervical cancer diagnosis in 2020.

The woman has been struggling with her health and documenting it on Facebook.

In July, she posted an update that said: “I have 4 new tumors.

2 new tumors on my liver, one on abdominal muscle and the large one on right side lymph node.

She also landed roles in multiple films, like the 2003 horror comedy “Severe Injuries,” the 2006 action flick “The Absence of Light,” the 2008 thriller “Craig” and the 2010 horror film “Hellweek.