SCOTUS Says He Couldn't Find Out Who Leaked Draft Pick That Overruled 'Roe'

After eight months of investigations, we still don't know who leaked the preferred courtroom draft decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Lead Judge John Roberts

Gail Curley to oversee the investigation. And today, the court filing said the team was unable to identify any person or persons responsible for the remarkable leak to Politico.

TOTENBERG: Not sincerely anymore. He's going through in excellent detail all the stuff the investigative group did to find out who the leaker became: interviewing ninety-seven courtroom staff

doing large follow-up interviews with a few people, hiring forensic experts in music they had got right. input to the draft, who printed it, who emailed it

All the personnel who had the right of entry to the draft opinion signed affidavits in which they stated that they did not expose the draft opinion

After all, because the document locates it, at this point, through the use of a preponderance of the evidence, it is not feasible to determine the identification of any individual who may have also disclosed

There were some exciting takeaways. It is not going, they said, that the public disclosure has occurred due to a hacking of the computer systems in the judicial file

But the pandemic, and the resulting expansion of the ability to work from home, as well as gaps in courtroom protection policies, they said

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