Self-proclaimed Satoshi blasts XRP as a Ponzi scheme, says Ripple will stray

Amid a legal dispute with the US Stock Exchange and the SEC over Ripple's alleged illegal sale of $1.3 billion worth of XRP tokens, 

self-proclaimed "Satoshi Nakamoto" Craig Wright has persevered in his vocal attack in opposition to the blockchain and virtual asset company.

Australian computer scientist Wright, who claims to be the pseudonymous author of Bitcoin (BTC) and creator of its white paper

as he continued his conflict of words towards Ripple CTO and one of the true architects of the XRP ledger, David Schwartz.

Wright also claimed that Ripple has been using ambiguous language to hide the fact for more than eight years, 

“If you're saying you have a solution and it's being used in production, you might be able to place tests

It is no longer advertising material, try. At no time has Ripple demonstrated this, and it is not always my place

“Deviation through corrugation is anticipated. They have a system that is not being used, this is constantly being rejected

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