Steven Tyler sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor

Steven Tyler has been charged with sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on a minor in a new lawsuit filed against him

According to a Rolling Stone file, plaintiff Julia Holcomb has alleged that the Aerosmith frontman began a sexual relationship 

she claims that Tyler found out about her troublesome home life 

and then he convinced her mother to give her guardianship, which allowed her to “travel, assault, and give her alcohol and pills”

She allegedly cited health concerns from a last home in a condominium and threatened to stop helping her if she didn't carry the pregnancy.

Even though the lawsuit no longer identifies Tyler with the help of the call,

Holcomb has previously made these claims at anti-abortion rallies and public interviews.

The filing also draws on Tyler's memoir, in which he wrote that he "almost married a teenager" and that "his parents fell in love with me,

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