Stressful symptoms that your fatty liver is getting worse

Fatty liver often seems harmless and almost never presents with symptoms in the early grades

excessive cholesterol, among others. At early levels, there is rarely inflammation or damage to the liver and many people

Fatty liver in many people is not diagnosed in the first levels, since it is asymptomatic at most

However, as the disorder progresses, you may also start to notice yellowing of the skin, a dull ache in the lower right side of the ribs,

"Fatty liver is on the rise due to changes in lifestyle and weight loss program. A sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of high-calorie and processed foods

 Although alcohol tops the list as an aetiology for fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is similarly increasing because of this," says Dr Amol Dahale

"Mostly detected in asymptomatic patients, few people can increase symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, 

Although they seem benign to begin with, few people increase cirrhosis and even most of liver cancers that can be fatal

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