Mr. Sandman brought us a bonus episode.

"The Sandman" is a new dark fantasy hit on Netflix that has 10 episodes in its first season.

Gaiman tweeted a trailer for a surprise that is similar to Beyoncé.

The first season of the show will adapt the first two volumes of Gaiman's comic.

Episode 11 adapts a pair of one-off tales from the comic's "Dream Country" saga.

The "A Dream of a Thousand Cats" is an animated short film about a tabby kitten and her older friend who venture out at night to meet other cats.

The novel also features James McAvoy, David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Gaiman himself as a crow with a skull head.

In the TV show "A Muse," a struggling novelist trades a magical artifact for inspiration from one of the Greek Muses.

Erasmus tells Richard that Calliope, Homer's muse, will be good enough for him.