Take a look at: Eating walnuts reduces cardiovascular disease risks and improves longevity

Walnuts can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, as also confirmed by a new note published in Vitamins,

Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. Young people who eat nuts are often more likely to maintain better physical fitness in midlife,

less likely to be obese, and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, the researchers found.

In conventional Chinese medication (TCM), walnuts are believed to be able to nourish the kidneys, refresh the brain

Since 1985, researchers have tracked the eating behavior of 3,092 healthy adolescents, ages 18 to 30

The contributors were divided into three companies: nut eaters, people who ate other nuts, and those who did not eat nuts.

The study found that participants who ate walnuts during their youth had higher indices of body health than people who did not

They had lower scores for parameters such as body weight, waistline, blood pressure and triglyceride levels,

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