The creation begins to evolve into NASA's next-generation Asteroid Hunter.

NEO Surveyor is the first purpose-built space telescope that will strengthen NASA's planetary protection efforts with the help of finding and tracking

A space telescope designed to search for the hardest-to-locate asteroids and comets that stray into Earth's orbital neighborhood,

NASA's Near-Earth Object Surveyor (NEO Surveyor) has now passed a rigorous technical and programmatic description

 Now, the company is transitioning into the final section of design and manufacturing and is setting up its technical, value and schedule 

The project supports the goals of NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination (p.C.) Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington

The NASA Authorization Act of 2005 directed NASA to find and pinpoint at least ninety percent of near-Earth devices greater than

Devices of this length are capable of dealing full-size close-in damage, or worse, if they affect Earth.

“NEO Surveyor represents the next generation of NASA's ability to rapidly detect, track, and characterize potentially hazardous

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