'The Kelly Clarkson show' in talks to move production to East Coast (different)

“The Kelly Clarkson show” is exploring a tour of the East Coast Big Apple Tri-country metropolitan area (Big Apple, New Jersey and Connecticut)

the number has exclusively discovered. The daylight hours display, which runs through 2025, was filmed in Los Angeles on the general lot if considering a 2019 release.

An NBCU spokesperson confirmed to Variety that NBCUniversal is in negotiations to move the screen to the East Coast, but nothing is final.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” is currently in its fourth season and picked up through Season 6. The show will complete its current season on the universal batch

The production hopes to stay consistent and keep as many people on board as possible who have been on screen since the beginning.

The flow could lead the superstar into her own family, but it could also be a new adventure for the show, which continues to grow and evolve

The past few seasons of “The Kelly Clarkson show” have produced its best weeks outside of New York City, filming original shows for the great Apple.

Hosted with the help of the Grammy winner and true "American Idol" champion, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" has become an extraordinary achievement in the daytime slot

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