The trailer of 'Your area or mine' threatens to undermine the return of Romcom

I watch a lot of romantic comedies because I really like them and because they are fun to watch with the family

As I mentioned earlier, we went through the list of all the wonderful age-appropriate rom-coms and started getting into some of the movies

I hated as a critic 10 or 15 years ago. find innocent and occasionally even funny as a parent of tweens who simply enjoy an excuse to gobble up popcorn

watch beautiful people kiss. We hit 27 dresses over the weekend, and let's just say I'm glad my original review doesn't exist online

My current take on the movie is much more like Kaleena's: James Marsden is great, Judy Greer steals it, and there's a reason Katherine Heigl was so

27 The outfit came from writer Aline Brosh McKenna, who is this era's version of Nora Ephron. She writes a variety of romantic comedies

Some of them are gorgeous (The satan Wears Prada), some of them are better than you think (27 clothes, Morning Glory, We buy a Zoo

And yet, despite my love of rom-coms, and the musical range of Aline Brosh McKenna (along with Crazy Ex-lady friend co-writer), and the inclusion of rom-com royalty Reese

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