The Traveler, Byron Baes, Muster dogs and more: the 14 great Australian series of 2022

It's hard to innovate in the well-whipped "fuck me lifeless, it's hot!" Motion-mystery (my genre), though, this pulse-pounding BBC

co-production starring Jamie Dornan as an amnesiac criminal on the run feels fresh. Dornan's brainless protagonist won't recognize 

who or what he's into, yet he does recognize that the mystery of his past has something to do with a person calling out to him after being buried alive

Surely. This riveting and stylish collection reveals extremely good pacing by continually tackling the top two writers'.

"What's the guy's head on?" and “What happens next?” –Luke Buckmaster

In a country so adept at oblivion, this three-part documentary was a paean to memory, a work of candor

dignity and human grace. Written and directed by filmmaker Rachel Perkins, The Australia Wars asked a simple and startling question

why are we no longer remembering this nation's first and most pivotal war, the struggle for sovereignty

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