Tiana's Palace will arrive this year at the Disneyland resort

Today, the Disney Parks Blog announced that Tiana's Palace could start at the Disneyland Hotel this year. They had previously referred to this new gastronomic region

Disneyland is redeveloping some of Orleans' latest rectangulars to feature Tiana, including the newly opened chic Eudora boutique showcasing Tiana's insider secrets

Eudora, being Tiana's mom, and the store being a combination of both at her will. In addition, Disneyland announced that it will retell Splash Mountain at the opening

The French Market eating place and Mint Julep Bar will close to begin this theme change on February 17, 2023.

In the Disney classic, "The Princess and the Frog," Tiana and her father, James, dream of opening a restaurant.

That dream comes true at the end of the film with Tiana starting her restaurant of hers, Tiana's Palace

Within its peach partitions and elegant green wrought-iron balconies, you'll find elegant furnishings and details reminiscent of Tiana's lifestyle and friendships

The new Tiana's Palace will have much of the same dash of pizzazz and flair as the restaurant in the film, imparting genuine New Orleans flavors

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