TikToking Apple employee fired for scientific outing, not movies

After a tumultuous August, TikToker and former Apple hardware engineer Paris Campbell have shared a video again.

This time, she claims that she was wrongfully terminated for a COVID-related medical leave.

Campbell first rose to fame in August after she released a video explaining why there's no way to get rid of the activation lock on a stolen iPhone.

Later that month, she returned to TikTok and mentioned that her employer had contacted her and told her to remove her video.

If she didn't, Campbell would be threatened with disciplinary action "as well as dismissal."

Now, Tiktoker has released a third video, informing visitors that Apple had fired her in mid-December, but not because of her videos.

Campbell was apparently placed in a prolonged clinical department as part of Apple's dedication to staff affected by COVID. 

"The reason they had been trying to fire me in the first area was not because of a TikTok video," she says

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