TikTok's new 'lion weight loss plan' makes TikTokers eat salt, meat, water and nothing else

Also known as the "carnivore weight loss plan," some TikTok users claim that following the "lion eating plan" can lead to "incredible health benefits."

The rules of the eating plan are easy: no fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, and at least "ruminant" animals, 

which are defined as grazing herbivorous mammals such as sheep, goats, and bison. One additional rule: the best seasoning allowed is salt.

The eating plan has received a lot of interest on TikTok, with the hashtag "theliondiet" trending on the platform with over 14.8 million views and counting.

A TikTok user "@roryskitchen" went viral on TikTok after posting an explanation about the "lion's feeding regimen.

." That video alone has reached nearly ten million views on the platform, with the rest of his ongoing collection racking up hundreds of thousands more views.

"As someone who can't stand anything in sunlight, I felt it my duty to do this eating plan to see if it could fix any of my health issues," 

she said in one of her early TikTok videos documenting The 30- Fitness Challenge Day.

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