US coast shield watching suspected Russian spy deliver off the coast of Hawaii in international waters

The US Coastal Protection Service says it is tracking a suspected Russian undercover agent's ship off the coast of Hawaii in international waters as tensions

“In recent weeks, US Coastal Protection has had to disclose a Russian ship, believed to be an intelligence collection ship, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands

The Coast Guard referred to the fact that the situation is not uncommon, however, there are thousands who watch it carefully. “While foreign military vessels can also transit

under standard international law, foreign-flagged military vessels have often been found running and loitering within from the reaction area of the Fourteenth District of the coastal defense,

This is not the first time that suspected Russian spy ships have sailed off the coast of the United States. In 2019, a Russian secret agent

The actions of the Viktor Leonov, a Russian surveillance ship sailing off the coast of South Carolina and Florida, have been determined

to be dangerous because it stopped using operating lighting fixtures in low-visibility weather and stopped responding to commercial ships. she tries to talk to avoid possible injury.

The USCG said in the statement that it "continues to coordinate with defense branch partners, providing updates on the movements and sports

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