US power, natural gas rates recover to multi-year highs due to excess blood

US herbal fuels and energy prices in the Midwest and West Coast soar to multi-year highs as extreme snow blankets much of the United States,

freezing oil wells oil and gasoline and causing pipeline restrictions that limit the drift of gasoline in California

Gas production was on track to fall about 4.7 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) in the past three days to an initial seven-month low of 94.3 bcfd on Thursday

as freezing weather blankets a large amount of the u Yes. A., causing wells to freeze over in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and other places

That would be the biggest daily drop in production since the February 2021 freeze, as winter storm Uri depleted Texas gas resources 

1,000,000,000 cubic feet is enough gasoline to power approximately 5 million American homes for one afternoon.

In Northern California, next-day gasoline costs for Thursday at PG&E Citygate rose to a record $56 according to Million British

Thermal Devices (mmBtu), surpassing the previous all-time high of $53 in December 2000, according to Refinitiv data. .

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