Video of JEREMY RENNER Airlift after Snowplow TRAUMA accident due to BLUNT pressure, surgical procedure

New video suggests Jeremy Renner's helicopter flight to a hospital shortly after his horrific twist of fate, and TMZ has uncovered new information

The video, acquired via TMZ, begins playing just after the two-time Oscar nominee was loaded into the helicopter around 9:50 a.m

Eyewitnesses tell us that Jeremy was clearing the street a quarter mile from his Tahoe home for his family

According to a neighbor, the plowing device, known as a Snowcat, accidentally ran over one of Jeremy's legs, and a lot of blood began to spurt from the damage

We were told that another neighbor, who is a doctor, can put a tourniquet on her leg until the paramedics arrive.

They tell us that the place was handled as an active crime scene... With the arrival of the police at 8 p.m

The problem, we're told, is that the system has excellent protection features, and Jeremy shouldn't have overlooked it any longer.

According to dispatch audio, received via TMZ, first responders were initially concerned about situations leading to a twist of fate

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