'We hit the ground': Mexican passenger plane caught in cartel crossfire

MEXICO CITY, Jan 5 (Reuters) - "That's an assault plane, dad," said one of David Tellez's younger sons when they saw a Mexican military

Violence erupted sometime in Culiacán on Thursday following the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán, the son of the infamous drug lord El Chapo

Aeromexico said no one on Tellez's flight was injured. Culiacán's airport was quickly closed afterwards as security forces patrolled the city

which was littered with burned-out cars, trying to contain the violent reaction. Tellez, 42, returned to tour with his wife and his children

He told Reuters that he had arrived at the airport for his 8:24 a.m. flight. without incident, without finding himself standing with the installation

Tellez hid in an airport bathroom with his own family after hearing that gang members were inside the airport

However, just as flight AM165 to Mexico City was about to take off, a succession of army planes landed on the runway.

A video circulating on social media, acting to capture the same incident, showed passengers crouching under their seats as a baby cried.

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