What the Hera asteroid project will call home

This is the antenna in an effort to transmit the first close-up images of the remote asteroid Dimorphos as its orbit 

The 1.13m diameter High Lead antenna from ESA's Hera project underwent a week-long test campaign at the Compact Antenna Test Range,

The CATR's metal partitions isolate external radio signals while its foam-tipped interior absorbs radio tracers to prevent reflections and reproduce the vacuum of space

Each test query took more than 10 hours, with the antenna encircled one degree at a time to create a 360-degree image of the special shape of the antenna signal

“The High Advantage Antenna is certainly an important part of our project: it will be our only means of receiving information

sending commands at the volume we want, with the Low Advantage Antenna as a backup for low stat rate emergency communications

Hera systems engineer Paolo Concari adds: "In conjunction with a modern deep area transponder, this antenna can also carry out technology in its own right.

The Big Advantage Antenna is manufactured using HPS in Germany and Romania.

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