'Wheel of Fortune' contestant sweeps the board, leaves Pat Sajak in surprise (VIDEO)

After 40 years of hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak has seen it all, which is what made Tuesday's (December 20) in-game events that much more impressive.

New York-based software engineer Ricky Gilbert did something some fans have "never seen" by correctly answering every puzzle in the episode,

including the bonus round. He ended up walking away with a total of $89, one hundred and twenty after leaving Sajak and the visitors definitely speechless

"Ricky's on fire here," Sajak said at one point in the episode as Gilbert struggled to rack up correct solutions. And after going 3 for 3 in the triple puzzles,

As Gilbert endured the clean sweep of him, Sajak quipped to the 2 different contestants, "I don't even need to talk to you."

“Some guys named Ricky just threw a shutdown on Wheel of Fortune. So lucky to witness this elegance from the sporting master," one viewer tweeted after Tuesday's episode.

“Did the Wheel of Fortune winner solve all the puzzles and no one else did? Has this happened before? asked another surprised fan.

As it turns out, it's happened before, but not often, as one viewer explained:

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