Why did Paulina Porizkova leave a 'disastrous' date before dinner arrived?

The former Sports Illustrated suit version, 57, shared in a new interview that she's seen a discerning trend in late-night dining.

"Now I'm not kidding, 75 percent of the men I've dated, once I ask them what went wrong on their closing date, they can tell me their other halves were borderline sick

Porizkova explained that her dating hers regrets her ex-other halves of her with haughtiness of hers, saying, “Oh, I did everything I could, and she's crazy. '”

“When closing time came, I got up in the middle of dinner and walked out,” she told us with a smile. “I didn't even anticipate the main courses would be back

Porizkova lamented that, unfortunately, "that leaves very few men," but she also said that at least she now has fun memories to share with friends.

One theme Porizkova is celebrating is the success of her recent memoir of her, "There Is Nothing Clear: The Good, The Horrible, And The Beautiful."

“I am so touched by the reaction to my paintings,” she told Page Six. “I suggest, it's honestly pretty tremendous. I didn't know what to anticipate. I am crushed. I'm

In the book, the actress actually writes about his marriage to her and her separation from The Motors frontman Ric Ocasek, whom she met

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