Women's Basketball: Long Beach Poly Survives Ordeal at Lakewood

Perkins ignored his early 5-3 recommendations on the night, but as soon as he entered the first to cut Lakewood's lead to 37-34 after three quarters, he didn't get past everyone

After the game, Perkins said that she was determined to lead her team to victory, regardless of how her night began.

“I didn't want to lose anymore,” Perkins said. “That became my goal, I was not going to lose this game. Granted, I started off slow, but once I started hitting 3-pointers it increased

Poly started the game well, leading 8-1 in the first sector and maintaining a fifteen-eight look after the first zone. That lead faded to just one at 1/2 when Lakewood

Lakewood's Nyemah King scored 19 points, while Cristina Jones delivered 13 points and eleven rebounds. Laci Berecochea also chipped in a big 13 points for the Lancers.

"That became a tough sport, they're a really tough team," Buggs of Lakewood said. “(King and Jones) were basically doing something they wanted to do

We haven't run a quarter on rattle for almost 12 years, however we had to do something to change it. And I thought as soon as we got into the sector, it interrupted their drift

Meanwhile, Poly's offense, led by Perkins, came to life inside the fourth. After scoring 34 points in the first 3 quarters, the Jackrabbits scored 22 points in the last 8 minutes

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