Work orce has to be loose to work for company's competitors: US regulator

The US government seeks to ban agreements that allow agencies to limit the ability of crews to leave for work in competition.

The Federal Exchange Commission (FTC) said the non-compete clauses were "exploitative" and unfairly restricted the chances of an expected 

The FTC, which enforces the opposition regulation, said a ban would encourage a more dynamic financial system.

Non-compete clauses were developed to prevent dropouts from becoming members of opponents and sharing trade secrets.

The US Chamber of Commerce, one of the most effective trade lobby groups, called the idea "blatantly illegal."

"Because of the organization's advent of more than a hundred years ago, Congress has in no way delegated to the FTC anything

The FTC said that non-compete clauses have emerged as an integral part of the US labor market and estimates that they affect 

Though it was long associated with the ranks of business company executives and high-tech people,

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