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Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2023 (OB36 APK Download)

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2023 (OB36 APK Download)
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Looking for a Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code? Look no further! We have the latest and greatest code for you right here. Plus, we are also providing a link to download the OB36 APK file. This is the newest version of the Free Fire game and it is sure to give you hours of fun! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

In order to prepare for the upcoming Free Fire advanced server, registration is beginning three weeks before its release! players will have five days in which they can sign up and test out this brand-new game. diamonds are also being given away as incentives if you report any bugs during your time playing it – so make sure not to miss these opportunities by heading over now!

Free Fire Advance Server OB36 Registration Code

Mainstream gaming is all about competing with other players in order to be the best. However, sometimes we need an alternative way of playing that isn’t a beazly competitive or involves sitting down for hours on end just waiting around – which can get boring after so long! That’s why there are apps like Free Fire Advance Server OB36 available now; it allows you access from anywhere as long a computer has internet connection capabilities (though this does not mean your phone needs a constant cell signal).

How do I join the FF advance server?

It’s easy! Just head over to the Free Fire Advance Server website and sign up with your email address. You’ll be asked for some personal information like your Free Fire ID number as well as your player name, but this is all just so they can keep track of who’s playing on the server. After you finish with that, an activation code will be sent to your email address. Just enter that code into the Free Fire game and you’ll be good to go!

What’s new in Free Fire OB36?

The biggest change in Free Fire OB36 is the introduction of a new character named Not ora. She comes with a unique skill called “Insanity” which allows her to go into a frenzy and deal more damage to enemies. There are also new items like the Grappling Hook and Glider Redeploy, as well as a new pet called Falco. Plus, the map has been updated with a new area called “The Kalahari Desert”. So there’s plenty of new content to check out in Free Fire OB36!

What is the activation code?

The activation code for the Free Fire Advance Server is 2022 (OB36). You can use this code to access the server and play the game. Plus, if you report any bugs during your time playing it, you will be eligible for diamonds as an incentive. So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

How can I download the Advanced server for free?

The Free Fire Advance server is a closed beta testing server for the Free Fire game that is only accessible to a select few players. If you have been chosen to participate in the beta testing, you will be able to receive an activation code that will allow you to download the server.

If you are not part of the beta testing group, don’t worry! You can still try to get your hands on an activation code by following the steps below:

– Keep an eye on Free Fire’s social media accounts for announcements regarding the Advance server.

– Once an announcement has been made, head to the Free Fire website and look for the registration form.

– Fill out the form with your Free Fire ID and other required information.

– If you are lucky, you will receive an activation code that will allow you to download the Free Fire Advance server.

FF Advance Server APK Download + Activation Key

After joining, the APK file will be downloaded to your browser. Click on the download link, and the file will get downloaded on your mobile. Download the APK file and install it on your mobile.

CODE 1: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD (New)







Download OB36 APK File Here (Advanced Server APK)

What is an Advanced server UID?

A UID is a unique identification number that is assigned to each Free Fire player. This number is used to keep track of players’ progress and achievements in the game. If you are chosen to participate in the Free Fire Advance Server, you will be assigned a UID that will be used to identify you in the game.

List of Advance Servers

  • Indian Server
  • Russia Server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Europe server
  • Indonesia Server
  • Brazil server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam
  • Thailand server
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh server
  • Vietnam server
  • Middle East Server
  • Pakistan


So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about the Free Fire Advance Server. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to check out the new content in Free Fire OB36. We can’t wait to see what Free Fire has in store for us next!

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