2023 Walks Party Street Nice Shoes

Heading into new midsole foams, one of the biggest running shoe trends I've yet to see is that street 

(and trail) running shoes have gotten lighter and more cushioned.

The most commonly used midsole foam in new shoes is PEBA, which is superior to TPU and EVA as it has a lower density

A really perfect example of much less weight and more cushioning is the new Hoka Clifton 9, 

which lost four grams while also adding threemm of stack height. Almost every emblem I visited had similar examples.

A bigger change is that the soles of the street shoes are more exaggerated and flare out more at the edges

at the back of the heel. This widening gives the shoe a considerably larger footprint, inherently developing a more stable platform

As a shoe reviewer who receives shoes before general release, embargoes aren't new to me. 

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