Amber Heard and Johnny Depp reach an agreement

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have reached a settlement in their defamation dispute.

The former couple found themselves embroiled in a six-week lawsuit earlier this year over a 2018 op-ed

 the 'Aquaman' star wrote about being a victim of domestic violence, and the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' megastar ultimately won.

 $10 million in damages after winning his three defamation lawsuits and her ex-wife provided 

an agreement that allows them to see the 36-month-old actress's insurance company pay $1 million to her ex-husband to drop the case.

But in a statement, Amber, who bought her Los Angeles home to finance her prosecution

admitted she had "lost faith in the American criminal machine" and claimed the 59-year-old actor had won through a "popularity" 

She said in a statement shared on Instagram: "After much deliberation, I have made a completely difficult decision 

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