Another fighter plane goes down while trying to combat 

While working to counter drones, a South Korean KA-1 light assault plane crashed immediately after leaving its Wonju base in the eastern United States,

The two KA-1 crewmen flying a light assault aircraft parachuted out for cover. A KA-1 aircraft, an armed version of South Korea's master KT-1,

The South Korean navy did not say whether the drone immediately became the culprit in the plane crash 

n recent years, drones have become a major threat to international armies

Drones have been involved in many operations during the Russia-Ukraine war, proving their lethal capacity.

At some point in the fighting in Ukraine, a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet was also shot down with the help of an Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze 

drone operated by the Russian military. That became the first time a fighter plane had been shot down by a kamikaze drone.

e current development is a major problem for the South Korean military, as these low-cost drones are likely to be able to disrupt 

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