At the Fiesta Bowl, Michigan can go from being splendid to the pinnacle of college football

the affection and admiration poured in immediately, moments after the Michigan soccer team touched down near Sky Harbor

 International Airport on Monday. During an introductory press conference in which Jim Harbaugh fielded questions

 about returning to college football in the playoffs, his group's opponent in Saturday's Fiesta Bowl, Texas Christian,

 and the host of players who have recently entered this system , a young amateur, rose to the top of his father's career. shoulders: 

he had a simple message for his favorite coach. With that, the Wolverines were out for a ride in what players 

 and coaches have defined as a trade ride, a supposed departure from a year ago when Michigan, after an incredible run to a Big Ten championship,

clawed its way to the playoffs. extension, I was happy to be at this point. “People go their entire lives without the opportunity 

that our group has,” Harbaugh said this week. "And through our talent and our difficult paintings, we have created this for