At Wes Moore's Inaugural Ball, No One Danced Louder Than Black Women

"I may not be here for the next one," said Charlene Butler, 78, who continued to dance on the chair even as she wanted to relax because Maxwell came onstage

Some of the 11,000 parents with tickets to incoming Governor Wes Moore's inaugural ball on Wednesday have been an integral part of such events

The visual feast covered a luscious dusty blue taffeta that seemed to be all the rage within the Habsburg Empire: "I am in the office of the realm's attorney."

Then there was the group of cynical citizens of the nation who promised to "liaise after this" and cheered every time one of their rank returned to the mess with a double

This was no ordinary Maryland politician's birthday party, however. For starters, an auxiliary dance hall had to be opened, and the gang assembled at the Baltimore

The most partying human beings, the ones who danced with joy no matter who was looking at them were the mothers, the grandmothers

That's the story of Moore, whose boundary-breaking ticket covered Aruna Miller, the first female shadow and first immigrant to become lieutenant governor

Every college kid who studies his e-book, "The Wes Moore Alternative," as part of the curriculum or the reader who tore it apart as an Oprah pick (he delivered Moore

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