B-52s have only 14 markings in 2023. We determine tickets for $70

On April '22, the modern art rockers announced they were retiring and would appear until November and then that was it.

From January 6-10, the Athens, GA natives have four undercover hints in their home state.

Then, later in the year, the group that delivered the "Love Shack" and "Rock Lobster" section will cross the glitzy Las Vegas road

And even if fans can count on The B-52s to stick with a script at those upcoming farewell concerts, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

“We will change it,” founding member Fred Schneider told the Las Vegas Weekly. "Maybe or three unique songs every night

Possibly the best surprise of all, though, is that many tickets to seemingly the remaining series of hints for this historic institution are as low as $70

(Note: The New York Post displayed all of the above charges at the time of the brochure. All prices are subject to fluctuation

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