Bigg Boss criticizes Vikkas Manaktala for scaring Archana Gautam against Shiv Thakare

On Sunday, Bigg Boss came down hard on Vikkas Manaktala after he started telling everyone that Shiv Thakare bit another contestant,

Aroh Welankar, on BB Marathi. He was heard having a communication with Archana Gautam in which he said that Shiv did the same while he switched to BB Marathi.

Vikkas said that Shiv bit all the other contestants when he entered Bigg Boss Marathi's house. It turned annoying Archana in opposition to Shiv.

He was later heard saying this to other contestants, which include Priyanka Choudhary and Tina Datta.

Bigg Boss criticized Vikkas in front of everyone for talking about Shiv Thakare in front of him.

Meanwhile, after spending 85 days inside the residence, Ankit called his trip "satisfying." He likewise said, "After spending 12 weeks in the residence,

 I guess it's quite an achievement for a person like me to stay inside the residence to see you later." Speaking of her eviction, Ankit said,

 "I found my eviction quite sudden or even shocking to some degree. Usually the target market decides the fate, but this time, the contestants were given the power to choose,

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