Bleach Episode 12 and Thirteen Release Date and Time

The end of Bleach TYBW cour one will be a one-hour special, combining episodes 12 and 13. In the next episode, 

we can see that Isshin Shiba no longer suggested meeting him in the real world with Masaki Kurosaki the captain. Isshin decides to meet Masaki again. 

Masaki was reprimanded by Ryugen Ishida's mother for supporting Isshin, a Soul Reaper, despite being a Quincy.

Ryugen tries to help Masaki, however, suddenly, something extraordinary begins to manifest in his body. He runs out of the residence with Masaki on his fingers, and Isshin will appear there.

Nimaiya tells Renji that she has created every Zanpakuto for the last thousand years, along with Kenpachi Zaraki. She then says that he didn't make Ichigo's Zanpakuto,

so her training wouldn't have worked. Ichigo appears near his house and runs towards Ikumi Unagiya. She comforts Ichigo as he apologizes to her for not going to work, and suddenly, Isshin arrives to take Ichigo with him, and he mistakenly rides behind her. .

Isshin tells Ichigo about his past and how he came to Narika City to kill a hollow sentient that killed several Soul Reapers.

In the intervening period, Masaki sensed the religious tension from her and decided to help them,

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