COVIDXBB.1. Five symptoms are more...: experts warn about the new version of Covid

The Omicron COVID variant continues to surprise us every few months with a much stronger and more immune evasive sub-variant. And the more modern cousin 

The XBB.1.Five subvariation accounts for forty-five percent of all COVID-19 cases in the US and has been developing rapidly. Meanwhile,

the arena fitness organization (WHO) stated that 38 countries have said XBB.1. Five cases, of which 82% were suggested in the USA

A look published in the journal Cell last month found that XBB.1 is sixty-three times less likely to be neutralized with the help of existing antibodies than the BA.2 subvariant

To date, the symptoms of XBB.1.5 seem to be more of a lack of blood than the flu, especially in humans who have been vaccinated or had COVID-19 before

Meanwhile, Grace Roberts, a virologist at Britain's University of Leeds, said there was "no reason to panic" over XBB.1.Five.

Although Omicron causes less severe disorders and fewer hospitalizations than earlier variants such as alpha or delta, it is still a public health risk

Although we are also likely to see waves of infection across the sector, "that doesn't have to translate into more waves of death, because our countermeasures

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